Girls With Fire In Faun’s Garden

Fire Fans - Performer Anta Agni

May the sparks overcome the darkness. Firedancers from Anta Agni as a part of document movie Fauns Garden directed by Nikita Slovak.

Documentary about  life of art and artists in time of global pandemic, our acts with fire, sparks, lyco and pyro effects was part of performances in movie. Here you can see trailer on Youtube or full documentary movie in archive of Slovak television – Pandemia (Fauns Garden)

Girls in flames - Firedancers
Firednacers with Pois - Anta Agni Girls
Pyro effect and fire performer - Anta Agni girl
Fire Fans - Performer Anta Agni
Pyro Show - Anta Agni

Camera: Stefan Lelovic

Cut: Andrej Veresvarsky.