Endless Cabaret

LED Diabolo Act Juggling Cabaret

Endless Cabaret is name of special customized dance and acrobatic show created for corporate event of company Johnson Controls International. Team of seven performers was established in regards of great variety of acts. Acrobatic acts like Cyr Wheel duet and Handbalance, juggling with LED Diabolo and LED Cube, cabaret dance acts, as well as Hula Hoops and Visual Pixel Pois acts with great pyrotechnics finale. Sparkling Cabaret at its best. Now, you can enjoy some photos from this spectacular event in Incheba hall, Bratislava.

Diabolo Juggling Dance Act Cabaret

LED Diabolo Juggler with dancers

Cyr Wheel Duo Romantic Cabaret Act - Anta Agni

Romantic Cyr Wheel duet with acrobatic elements

Handbalancer Woman Cabaret Act - Anta Agni

Handbalance act and beauty of woman

LED Cube Juggling Cabaret Act - Anta Agni

Juggler with huge LED Cube

Hula Hoop Dancers - Anta Agni Cabaret Show

Hula Hoop Dancers

LED Diabolo Act Cabaret Juggling

Performer with LED Diabolo

Handbalancer Woman Cabaret Act - Anta Agni

Beauty of handstand

Hula Hoop Solo Dancer - Anta Agni Cabaret

Solo act with Hula Hoops

Cabaret Dance Pyro Show - Anta Agni

Sparks and Cabaret