Light Show in Shopping Mall – Kuwait

Buugeng Performers LED Light Show

Moments from our light show LED Dream performed this summer in Kuwait.

Four performers with various light and pixel equipment take part on Al Kout Summer Festival – festival in area of Shopping Mall.  We provided show and choreographis with LED Cube juggling, LED Buugengs choreography, LED Cyr Wheel acrobatics, LED Diabolo and Juggling Clubs and Visual Pixel Poi equipment.

Show was customized to attract audience – customers of shopping mall, families, kids, people that enjoy free time in facilities of Al Kout Shopping Mall.

Cube Juggling LED Light Show

Performer inside of the LED Cube in Kuwait Shoppnig Mall


Cyr Wheel Performer LED Light Show

Acrobat spinning in LED Cyr Wheel with kids, families and audience in Kuwait


Pixel Poi LED Light Show

Pixel Pois choreography with customized ornaments and graphics


Performers LED Light Show

Performers with LED Buugengs in Shopping Mall