Gala event Oriflame – UV Light Show

Anta Agni Oriflame Event UV Light Show

The Sitno Hotel in Vyhne held a gala event of Oriflame Slovakia in June 2016 called the White Night.

Anta Agni Cyr Wheel Oriflame UV Light Show

During the evening Anta Agni dancers and acrobats performed several acts of UV Light show in various costumes.

Anta Agni Oriflame Silk Dancer UV Light Show

Our acts included the acrobat with a Cyr Wheel, dancers with ribbons and flags, LED light tools, an acrobatic cube and Visual Pixel Poi tools, which, thanks to the technology called graphic juggling, played an important role in the program of the event.

Anta Agni Pixel Poi Oriflame Graphics Juggling UV Show

In fact, Anta Agni dancers before every award of the individual sales representatives displayed their names on the tools and were rewarded with a thunderous applause from the audience.

Anta Agni Oriflame Dance UV Light Show
Anta Agni Oriflame Juggler Cube UV Light Show
Anta Agni Oriflame Event UV Show
Backstage Anta Agni Dancers Oriflame Event UV Show
– here you can find more about our UV LIGHT Show, CRYSTAL LIGHT Show and VISUAL PIXEL Poi.

Anta Agni Pixel Poi Oriflame UV Show