Exciting night entertainment

Feminine glamour, sensual tension, elegance and mastery of performers

The cabaret show of Anta Agni introduces a new dimension of evening entertainment. The original combination of several genres creates a performance that brings you sensuality, extravagance but also humour, dancing, juggling and acrobatic features. In addition to the traditional lighting and fire effects that our performers are excellent in, the show is based on dance etudes, humorous scenes, burlesque elements as well as acting features.

The distinctive feature of the show is feminine glamour, sensual tension between a man and a woman, elegance, mastery of performers as well as unexpected twists and untraditional movement creations. The show is suitable for adult audiences as a part of evening or night entertainment, wherever the audience will enjoy something original, exciting, elegant and fun at the same time.


Show that brings you sensuality, extravagance but also humour, dancing, juggling and acrobatic features.

I'm very glad that the performers of Anta Agni Michaela Patákova and Martin Herian are part of our Red Cat Cabaret. Their impressive neo-circus performances are not only superbly professionally mastered, but they also have undisputable sexappeal, humor, style and story. They bring a high level variety show to our small stage;) To look at them is a complex expearience.

Lucia Siposová
director, actor, creative spirit

Red Cat Cabaret

Technical rider

Basic requirements - Space and Lights

SPARKLING CABARET Show is not demanding in terms of spatial requirements, can be performed by two to six performers and lasts 5 – 20 minutes. If you are interested in more performers, please let us know details and we will send you customized offer.

Show is most effective in semi-darkness and coloured lights atmosphere, but it doesn’t need to be carried out under completely dark conditions. Suitable for a wide range of venues, area of minimally 4x4 meters is required.

If optionally acrobatic acts are part of the show, size of stage have to be adjusted. For Cyr wheel act, if it is part of show, it is necessary to provide the free area of 5x5 meters in size and consult stage surface. For Cube Juggling it is 5x5 meters and ceiling height 4 meters.

Lights and sound system have to be provided by client, we can bring our LED UV Light strips.


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Are you interested in Anta Agni’s performance?

We can send you a complete list of our acts with prices and technical requirements. You can choose a show in accordance with your wish - from smaller acts (2 - 3 dancers) to big group choreographies (10 dancers). We are able to adjust the performance to unusual conditions.

All the members of our group are experienced professionals who master different types of performing tools and techniques. Therefore, a small number of Anta Agni dancers is able to carry out a wide variety of acts and choreographies in various costumes.